Ultra-Kelp TM a product of nature is a rich, balanced bioavailable source of essential macro and micro nutrients. It includes a complete range of dietary minerals, vitamins, amino acids and carbohydrates. All the important links in the chain of optimum nutrition. This is why so many users have reported such a wide range of improved nutritional status.
Ultra-Kelp TM is easy to use, best results can be achieved by feeding once daily, winter and summer. Especially good for pregnant mares, hard working performance horses, young or old, idle or hard working.
The benefits of seaplants have held true for millenniums. They absorb nutrients from the ocean water, protein, minerals, vitamins and enzymes in bioavailable form, which provide major immune system benefits. The minerals absorbed by kelp from the water are in great abundance in an organic colloidal state, readily useable and easily absorbed.
The seaweed used in Ultra-Kelp TM
is a species native to the cold, clean waters of the North Atlantic. It has been sustainably harvested since 1981. It is solar dried to ensure the nutrient rich benefits. We consider it to be of the highest quality in the world. That is the reason we chose it when we started our company back in 1985.
Ultra-Kelp TM has been recommended by horse owners, trainers, horse therapists and breeders for many years.

The reason is simple….It works!

Ultra-Kelp TM is made of only seaweed, no cheap fillers or preservatives. Economical, meal (granular) or pelleted form. Available in many size containers, including a 20 kg bag for those with several horses.

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